Galago Pro on the Go: Emma's System76 Laptop Review

I'm so excited to talk about this little precious Galago Pro! I like to name my laptops, and nothing is more fitting for this machine (in my use case) than the name ‘Princess’ because my experience with the Galago so far has been royally spectacular. After more than a month of frequent use, I’ve found the Galago to be an excellent choice for the mobile worker. I’m frequently on a train, plane or bus, so portability is an absolute must-have for me. Although the portability is my favorite feature, I’m fond of a few other things the Galago Pro has to offer.
Look and Feel
She’s so pretty and shiny with her smooth aluminum body. She sports a touch of class with the metallic accents bordering the touchpad adding the perfect amount of elegance to remind you what you’re working on just before you start typing. I feel 'elite' just working on the Galago Pro, knowing that whoever is on the other side of the display is envious of my prized gem of a laptop.
Princess caters to …

Ready for LinuxFest Northwest and Linux Laptop Orchestra

I’m sitting here at the airport waiting for my connecting flight to Virginia to meet the Linux Laptop Orchestra at Virginia Tech, kicking off a busy next couple of months.
LinuxFest Northwest is coming up in a few weeks. Last year I did the Linux Switch Competition with Noah and Chris from Linux Action Show. I wonder what’s in store for this year’s event?!? Can we top last year’s switch competition? If you haven't seen the competition, it's pretty entertaining :) 

We probably can’t top that since we don’t have any specific competition planned this time around, but LFNW should be eventful enough with our System76 Booth and Ryan doing his talk about 11 Years Making Machines Born to Run Linux.
I’ll be travelling to LFNW with my wonderful support technician partner, April and our Community Manager, Ryan Sipes. We are certainly a combo to be reckoned with. We are all loud and passionate, especially in regards to Linux and even more so after a few drinks, when it comes to our favor…

Let's Talk about Love. COMPUTER LOVE

I want to talk about computer love. You may have seen pictures of me in the new System76 shirt, but if not, you'll see one here and find out how to get one for yourself. We started calling it the 'Computer Love' shirt.

I designed the shirt to sum up who we are as a company with simple icons so that any human could understand what we're about or at least become curious. The logo on the front is my loud display of pride to support System76. The message on the back is simple. Ubuntu plus System76 equals Computer Love.

Love is a human emotion- a connection - a special bond. Have you ever thought about how much you love your computer? Do you love the company that made it? Do you have a human connection to the company? I can't say that I've ever thought to myself, 'man, I just love this Toshiba laptop' or 'I can't live without this HP notebook.' For as long as I've been using computers, I've never had a human interaction with an…

All The Things!

Time for some catch-up!

The Colorado Loco Ubuntu Team Release Party for Ubuntu 16.10 was larger than any release we've had in history! I had 50+ on the signup sheet and 60+ at the peak. I met dozens of new people and at least a dozen new-to-Ubuntu users! The Ubuntu Beginners pamphlet was a hit, proving there were people who wanted to know more and willing to take it home and give Ubuntu a try. A lot of people look at how many people attended, but the most important stat to me is how many people took the new user materials and found it useful. That's how you know it was successful.

Instead of a meetup at a local restaurant or bar, I decided to leverage our excellent corporate sponsorship by my fabulous employer, System76 and host an event. We set up stations to keep visitors engaged, had fancy catering to fill the tummies, activities for the kids, and kegs of beer to stir the conversation :)

All Things Open in Raleigh was a blast. Our booth was busy as can be, and the conferenc…


I swear I go to bed one day and wake up and all of a sudden, it's 3 months later. So crazy how life goes by so fast in the tech world...

I have some exciting and important announcements to make. Ubuntu 16.10 is coming out this week and that calls for a release party for the Colorado Ubuntu Group. Guess who sponsors the local Ubuntu group... SYSTEM76. So, you know we're going to have an awesome set-up. Mostly because I'M planning it :) J/K (sort of). There were so MANY people at the April release and I anticipate at least 20 more for this one. Our parties aren't like other Loco Ubuntu parties... I try to make them as exciting, entertaining and as geeky as possible. But, I also love food, drinks and free stuff. So, someone like me organizing a party can- and has always- resulted in a GOOD TIME. If you're in Colorado, you're invited!

We have a ridiculous amount of product updates. Most deal with nVidia 10-series GPUs, but the most highly-anticipated release for my…

Southeast LinuxFest 2016

I know I've been dormant for over a year on my blog, but that's about to change :) I'm still working at System76 and still loving it, of course. One of my favorite parts about my job is travelling to open source tradeshows. This past weekend was Southeast LinuxFest in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was absolutely fantastic!

This was System76's first time sponsoring SELF, and it was everything we hoped for. The conference was well-organized, accommodating and full of quality attendees that were generally interested in our products. It also helped that we gave away a 14" Lemur Laptop. The laptop giveaway caused a brief Twitter Storm, showing off the many faces of me, along with the many anxious laptop seekers.

Do you ever make 'Booth Buddies' when you go to conferences? Or do you prefer working across and next to the same people for a whole weekend without saying a word? I'm not a fan of awkward, so I make sure to establish booth buddies as soon as possib…

Quickly Add New Font Styles to Ubuntu

Do you like to spruce up your documents with different fonts? Do you print a monthly newsletter for the office? You’re in luck! The Ubuntu Software Center is home to hundreds of fonts available for installation in just a few clicks. When a font package is installed through Ubuntu Software Center, any application that uses fonts will contain the new fonts the next time you open the app. Start by opening the Ubuntu Software Center. There’s a section called ‘Fonts’ on the left side of the window. After clicking ‘Fonts,’ the window will display a long list of options for installation. The best package if you’re looking for hundreds of decorative, creative fonts is the ‘465 free TrueType fonts by Brian Kent.’
If you click ‘Install,’ you’ll be prompted to enter your password and the installation will finish within a few seconds. If you have LibreOffice or Gimp etc. open, you’ll need to close the application and re-open it for the newly installed fonts to show up in the font list.
Installing I…